About us

Travel shouldn’t be about treading the same path. Do you want to visit somewhere, or do you want to truly experience it?


uGOamigo was born when two friends in London were discussing travel activities and how so many people do the same thing as everyone else when they visit a new place. Although travel is something that people enjoy, they don’t always come away feeling fulfilled – and this is often because they have not truly enjoyed the place they visited.


Finding new and unusual experiences, meeting the locals, enjoying different travel activities and seeing a side of the destination that many people don’t… This is what uGOamigo is about.


Although adventure travel is often an avenue many take, some people are happy to create a travel itinerary themselves. 


We think that there are so many ways to explore, enjoy and experience the world.


So, we’ve taken some of the best travel experience providers onto one platform, so you can search the right one for you.


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