what to do in rome? See the colosseum for sure

A Guide To Rome

Ahhh Rome. The Eternal City. There is literally so much to see here that to cram it into this guide will not do it justice.

Saying that, we’re gonna give it a good go.

If you’re planning a trip to Rome, try and plan for a minimum of 3 days. Yes, you could do 48 hours in Rome, but you will be spreading yourself very thin. After all, this is a city packed so full of history and culture that even one week will still leave you wanting more.

Getting around in Rome

The center of Rome is very walkable, so if you’re planning on exploring the Vatican, the Forum, the Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps you’ll be able to do it all on foot.

Saying that, the city is big enough that you probably won’t want to do ALL of that in one day. You will be absolutely shattered.

But walk around Rome? Absolutely.

A better option is to hire bikes, or use Uber or taxis which are both (relatively) affordable. If you’re travelling with kids then you will definitely need to think of taxis, bike hire or even using the bus service. There is a metro in Rome, but as a tourist you’re very unlikely to use it or even need it – except if you’re staying on the edge of town or heading to the airport.

Must see:

Obviously, the Colosseum is an absolute must. You can’t miss it anyway, and looking from outside is undeniably impressive. But should you go in?


If you’ve come this far, you need to head into this iconic marvel and immerse yourelf in the full Roman experience. It will take you at least an hour or two to explore the Colosseum in depth.

Don’t make the mistake like we did and queue for tickets on the day! Get your Roman Colosseum tickets in advance, beat the queues and also don’t freeze your butt off waiting in the queue…

Another must see is the Roman Forum. This is the old center of the Rome, and is utterly fascinating. Yes, you do need to pay to get in and wander around the old Temples and climb Palatine Hill.

And yes, it is absolutely worth it. Even for non-history buffs, the Roman Forum is a must.

What about the Vatican?

Again, this is one of the must visit locations in Rome, and although you can wander St Peter’s Square for free, you will want to go and view the marvels of Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel. Again, big queues, so get your ticket in advance.

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